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we are a london club night playing indie pop, northern soul, tamla motown, girl groups, and sixties heartbreak
next date: friday december 1st, the phoenix, 37 cavendish square, london, w1, 7pm-midnight, rebel rebel club night, more info here


Keeping the customers satisfied
Kind words of praise about HDIF

“Went a few weeks ago to How Does It Feel To Be Loved? on a colleague's hen night, of all things, and enjoyed myself more than I have in years. Meant to have a quick drink and ended up dancing to the bitter end - the longest period I have spent dancing in 14 years. It was wonderful to hear the Loft, the Weddoes, the Sea Urchins and all that great soul, and I am prosletysing for your night to everyone I meet who remembers those same records. Anyway, thanks for a really great night - I was going faster miles an hour for days afterwards.”

“We had the greatest time. It was such a different night comparing to what we have in Brazil. Listening to Smiths, B&S, Joy Division and other great songs which I had never heard before (but everyone else apparently knew them by heart and they were indeed very good) was unforgettable.”

“Just a quick note to say thanks for some wonderful nights since I started going early last year; can't believe there is a club that plays all the songs that weren't even widely played in indie clubs at the time alongside some fantastic Northern Soul and Motown pop. A big 'thank you' then, for sticking on the likes of The Motorcycle Boy (Big Rock Candy Mountain), Weather Prophets (Almost Prayed) and Tallulah Gosh (Tallulah Gosh) so I could step back in time even if most of my mates didn't have a clue what they were!”

“Many thanks for another GREAT night out on Friday. LOVED Hefner!”

“Just thought I'd drop a quick line to say how much I enjoyed the DJ set on Saturday. I haven't been able to dance like that in quite some time and to hear Felicity by the mighty 'Juice was a rare treat.”

“Thanks again for a night of musical wonderfulalities”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for Friday. Such a great night. The vibe is definately different at the Canterbury Arms - I think it's mainly to do with space. Anyway, I decided to dance like a mentalist, despite the heat. Don't want to get all mushy, but can I just register my appreciation for the fact that HDIF exists? It feels like a second home for me now, after 8 months in London.”

“Oh, Ian, it was a truly wonderful night! I had the best time at an indie night for ages. Thank you for playing "Nowhere Fast" and "Outdoor Miner" at crucial moments.”

“I had the best time on Friday. It all just seemed to click for me - the tunes, the right amount of booze, the fantastic Actionettes. I was in a pretty good mood anyway, having received a fairly hefty tax refund the day before, but still I can't imagine having a better time anywhere else.”

“A great night, and a great introduction to How does it feel... i believe "down the front" during The Queen Is Dead was the nearest Ive ever seen to moshing at a twee indiepop night. The technical hitches only added to the sense that Mr Peel was there with us in spirit, as did his occasional disembodied voice. And the way everyone cheered whenever his voice came over the p.a. Classic.”

“This was the best night out I've had all year, and greatest idea for a night, full stop.”

“Thank you for an excellent night, our first HDIF and hopefully another visit will be planned soon! Well worth coming all the way from Middlesbrough for (even though driving home with a very bad hangover wasn't the best way of spending a Saturday).”

“Excellent night. Been living in Brixton over two years, never realising there was a great night round the corner. Big points with the missus too, who loved it and had been constantly moaning that there were no good nights in Brixton - just poncy bars with the dreaded dance music booming - since she moved in with us.”

“This was actually the first time I have been to a club this MILLENNIUM and... the first time that I have hit the booze in seven years.”

"That 60s beat instrumental version of Mrs Robinson was my favourite moment I think. I looked up at the dance floor and wondered which film we were in. In the next scene Chris was going to pull the girl in the green mini-dress while her polo-necked boyfriend was in the corner talking to two beatniks about the freedom rides."

"What an adorable crowd last week! 100% hottness!"

"Woosh! that was ace ian! best nite ive had in ages!!"

"I had a crackin night. Loved looking over a crowded dance floor during ‘Let's make this precious’ – I couldn’t see anything much but just Ian’s arms held aloft and clapping in time. Tremendous."

"Had an excellent time. I think that's the only time I'll hear "I know it's over" at a nightclub. Christ I thought I was going to top myself. In a good way. Good set from Mr Flatmate as well, and I enjoyed doing a knees up version of "she's losing it" and belting out "Cemetary Gates" whilst watching you dance like a man trying to put out a fire on your shoes. Aces."

"Cheers for playing Motorcyle Boy. Hundreds of miles away in Belfast my sister & nephew were woken up by it as I phoned them up."

"Brilliant night! The music was superb!"

"Thanks Ian! Really enjoyed it...maybe too much and now I am suffering from the consequences of too much fun!"

"I came down straight from the Pipettes gig up at the Bush Hall, drunk as a skunk and happy as a larry. It was, for me, the best How Does It Feel in a long time - I danced like a mentalist. I particularly liked the fact the night never seemed to end, Ian, your last set went on forever and a day. It was mega."

"Enjoyed the night last- a good crowd and plenty of cute girls and geeky guys- my kind of crowd!"

"I had a great time last night. As always much gratitudue to Ian. Definitely worth sneaking out the office party for though er... yes... very drunk, very drunk indeed... er sorry about that. But the place was packed! Brings a lump to your throat when you look out at the dancefloor and see soooo many people dancing together like that. Nowhere but HDIF"

"The singing to Reel Around The Fountain was extraordinary. It's one of very few Smiths songs that I know, so I gustoed along too. Ian's button-pressing at the end (floor-filler after floor-filler) was masterful".

"On Friday I joined those curious about being loved. It was a lot of fun. If it had been any more fun the National Gallery attendants would have heard me singing Rockville & Be My Baby the next day."

"Aye, t'was a good night...conistently happy by ace-ness of the chooooons, not least by a Teenage Fanclub shaped blast from my past."

"An excellent sweaty night was had by all; five Smiths choons, two Dexys, a sneaky inclusion of Your Cover's Blown (cue jaws dropping when it was revealed what it was), and lots of fun."

"It was a great night. It was one of those where I kept looking at my watch, knowing it was going to end but wanting it to keep going."

"Lovely music, lovely people, lovely night"

"That was such a fantastic night! I haven't danced so much in years. Remember dancing like a loon for the last half an hour or so but I was very well refreshed by then and can’t remember what the tunes were, only my extreme excitement."

"oh my godddd!! what a great night! one of my highlights was "please help the cause against lonliness" - i was listening to it while i was getting ready to go out and it was so brilliant hearing it and dancing to it at the club."

"That was *such* a good night. I'm still on a high from it. Or still drunk. Either way, that was ace."

"Came down on Friday night for my first HDIF and had a great time. Excellent atmosphere, a lot of good, good people up for having a good time (and they did!), top drawer tunes. Couldn't ask for much more, really. My brother & friend loved it as well & danced a lot. It was good to hear a different set of tunes; good indie and some classic 60s stuff. The Phoenix is a good venue; the size and layout worked well. Over all a fantastic club night. Bring on the next one!"

"I had such a good time last night! You always know you have had a good night when you are still there dancing when the lights go up and your feet hurt walking home from all the dancing in heels."

"Just wanted to say a big, big THANK YOU! to both Ian and Greg for what was for me the best HDIF ever. I can't remember ever feeling a bit pissed off for having to sit down for two minutes to catch my breath."

"Another great night... How great did the Killing Moon sound? Oh, and the song I was rambling about at the end was the Architecture in Helsinki one - which also sounded ace. And all the C86 from Greg too - fantastiche."

"What a mesmerizing night!! Thank you so much Ian. I think by far the best HDIF night I've ever had. My god, Felt and Talulah Gosh and Loft(2x ) and Magnetic Fields and Clap your hands and Razorcuts and..and.. I could carry on for ever! And I have definitely made up my mind: Greg is God personified He is a the kindest and loveliest chap I 've ever met. Excellent taste of music yeah! We danced like never before. It was an amazing night."

"HDIF is the best club in London! Saved my Friday night on many occasions, playing the best music i've heard here. The Wake? Felt? Jens Lekman? Northern? Motorcycle Boy? Heavenly? Early Primal Scream? Even Rod Stewart once!! Played our best ever gig there too! Cheers Ian!"

"Friday was GREAT! Friday night was a pre birthday night for me and was one of the best HDIFs I have been to, brought a few friends and they all loved it too. Thanks for playing 'What Goes On' and 'Reward'"

"Had a great time on Thursday night and my friends L and R who I finally convinced to come along lovvvvvvved the night. Couldn't get L off the dancefloor. Great to hear so many songs that are in my oz record collection back home that I haven't heard for far too long (over 6 years). Loved it."

"Fantastic night! I met some really cool kids and danced myself silly to 'Coach Station Reunion', 'Lift Me Up' and 'Heatwave'. It was good for my soul."

"Just to say thanks so much for such a spiffing night on Friday. I felt the love all thorugh the night. I think 'My Man is a Sweet Man' might have been my highlight... amongst many magic dancing moments. Keep up the good work, see you next time."

"Just to let you know, that that was my first time to your club and I thought...and so did all my mates...that it was BRILLIANT!! Will surely be back to the next! Many thanks and well chuffed I managed to get on the website with my pal, was a nice birthday pressie for us both!"

"what a fantastic night! i got very drunk and danced a LOT and talked to lots of lovely people."

"Lovely stuff, Ian. Fantastic songs, great atmos, lovely people with nary a cross word or bad vibe all evening."

"Oh, what a great night. The whole place was packed full of fun."

"So that was, like, the best night ever. Ian - you are amazing for creating this."

"Best New Year's Eve ever!"

"I'm so very happy I came over for it. New Year's Eve traditionally brings out all my miserabilist tendencies, so it was quite novel to spend it so happily."

"It was a great night. You and Dickon made a great team doing the DJing, and there were some great songs stuck in there. (I certainly didn't expect to hear an old Darling Buds track in the set!! Fantastic!). Also, thanks very much to the woman on the door, a lovely person making light of things, (I felt sorry for her being outside, instead of celebrating the New Year with the rest of us). It was a really nice surprise when she was watching out for me on the way out to refund a tenner towards our wasted tickets. My immediate reaction was, 'I can't imagine any other club in London that would be as friendly and good spirited as How Does It Feel To Be Loved?'. I certainly went away with a very warm feeling, having had a thoroughly enjoyable evening."

"Thanks for a really wonderful New Year's Eve. The evening was just as great as we had hoped for and made today's sense of feeling rather weary well-earned."

"Friday night was brilliant. Haven't danced so much for ages. Reminded me of my sweet abandoned youth...even though my sweet abandoned youth wasn't that long ago."

"Ian, thank you! It was such a great night and we especially enjoyed the short little bout of early doors indiepopness. And dancing to 'The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth' and 'September's Not So Far Away' were real highlights.And thankyouthankyou for playing 'If You Find Yourself Caught In Love' - beauty!"

"I ache......but what a great night. Can tick off 'Dance to Bathtime by Tindersticks' from my list of stuff to do before I get too old."

"Oohh! What a night!!! Amaaaazing. Thank you so much Ian. Envelopes' Sister in Love sounded so fresh and popish. Not to forget, the last scene with Aretha's Say a Little Pray for You with all remaining people singing along and praying for more pure pop tunes. It did shatter me in million pieces."

"I really enjoyed HDIF. I wanted to dance all night and was sorry it had to end."

"Fantastic night, Ian. I'll never get over how brilliant The Canterbury Arms is for non-stop dancing - even with the Blackpool illuminations! Ramesh was so lovely too. Mmmm. Was that two Comet Gain records he played? I think it was."

"I had an amazing night! And I finally got to dance to the Hidden Cameras. I saw so many people I haven't see in ages, it was ace! OK, so I'm really hungover today, but it was a fantastic night and this hangover is worth it."

"I *heart* HDIF... it was a great night and I danced for all I was worth.

"I had a crakin night. I seem to have been, erm, ‘lost in music’ in one or two of the photos. I think everyone was dancing at some points. I remember being on the edge of the dance floor, furthest from the decks, and it was pretty packed but I turned round to find the rest of the pub totally empty apart from a couple of people at the bar."

"What a night! Hooo-o-o-o-o-oorses! Thanks for dropping the Obscura also. It made me the happiest girl in the world."

"Wonderful night - many thanks. Jackie Wilson Said did it for me. I really haven't been to a club night as friendly as this in London for a long, long time. Love the DJ dancing as well "

"Did the music cut out at one point??? I was having so much fun I didn't even notice - and you played the Hidden Cameras, too, so Mrs PC's night was also complete. I (heart) HDIF."

"FANTASTIC night in Oxford yesterday. We all absolutely loved it, best thing that's happened to this town in years! Can't wait for the next one..."

"Quite possibly the best club night Oxford has had since Boutique, and something that EVERYONE needs to be at next month."

"How Does it Feel to Be Loved. Best club night in the world. Ever."

"I probably sweated off 3 stone just from dancing, and my feet are killin' me, but it was great!"

"Woooo! I had to wake up stupid early this morning but I'm still on a high from last night. How brilliant was that? Very brilliant! I don't think I've ever danced so much in my life, hence the dislocated shoulder. Ouch!"

"Just thought I'd say hello and thanks for another ace night, I know I always tell you how brilliant your club is but this one is with no alcohol or Kenickie fueled delirium in my body so it must be true."

"Huge thanks for such a great night on Saturday - we all had a fantastic time...even me falling over a chair in my rush to the dancefloor seems like a happy memory. There's definitely a spirit at HDIF, similar to the one at NPL. Being Scottish, I've grown up with this impression of London being a bit unfriendly - not sure if that's true elsewhere but it definitely isn't at HDIF."

"Messy, messy, messy sums it up, Ian! Lots of fun though. Marvellous. The Arthur Lee songs were all highlights. Papa Was a Rodeo may just have been the best thing to happen ever. I also enjoyed the way it seemed like the night might not actually end, many many songs after the lights came up. Genius. Rolled into Oxford about half seven. Fully worth it. Great stuff."

"This was definately one of my favourite HDIFs, the atmosphere and music was perfect. I love getting that feeling of being home when I come to the club."

"My friend and I came down from the East Midlands on Friday and had a superb time. We're new to the scene, so it was our first HDIF, and are now eagerly awaiting Offbeat to resume, but I'm sure we'll be back in London again as soon as we can manage it."

"I had fun, the sing-a-longs to "Lloyd I'm ready to be heartbroken" and "I'm from barcelona" were superb."

"Last night was brilliant - so much dancing, so much pop, so many smiles and hugs! The Canterbury Arms' dancefloor is my temple."

"My first HDIF was sooo much fun! Everyone was so lovely and I had such a great time dancing! Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken and Papa Was A Rodeo were my highlights of the night, I think. I can't wait for the next one."

"Fantastic night... so much dancing jumping laughing bouncing grinning whirling - B-E-S-T HDIF ever for me! Oh, and the fact that I only had one vodka didn't do it any harm... quite the opposite I think. Can't wait for NYE... more dancing... more laughing... more jumping... - more HAPPINESS!"

"That was certainly the best B&S can-can handbag circle dance I have ever participated in."

"I was more drunk on Friday than i have ever been, I think.. I blame the fact that I had to down my drink each time I wanted to dance, and there were so many quality tunes.. eek. I hope I didn't misbehave too much."

"If a night could be measured by the size of the hangover the next day, & the next day, then that was a great night. Best music I've heard solidly throughout the night yet."

"Oh, what a night! Thank you for yet another wonderful night of dancing and jumping and singing and great fun in general."

"Fantastic night! sbj's set was awesome, as was the whole night there were tons of highlights, but one moment that comes to mind is "the state i am in"...it was just a perfect dancefloor moment. i loved looking around and seeing all these people totally dancing their asses off with huge smiles on their faces...it's a beautiful thing! hdif is one of the few nights that i love staying right until the end for, and where it's hard to leave even when the lights go up! my feet are killing me, but again...SO worth it!"

"went to my first ever HDIF night on friday and it was the best night out i have had in a long while. it was incredible how much good music and cider was flowing and you played Low for me. That just topped the night off good and proper. I look forward to the next one."

"Last night was fantastic! There came a point where my brain just stopped and was replaced by silver glitterdust but I remember all the dancing and the smiles and the endless hugs with all the lovely people. Haven't had such a good New Year's Eve in ages."

"damn, I've not had that good a dance for months! best new year ever. It was great to see people again, and at such a fantastic night! brilliant."

"what everybody else said! So many lovely lovely people... such great music... so much hugging... - perfect NYE!! It was great to see so many wonderful beautiful people again and it felt even better to jump and dance with them during Camera Obscura and IFB."

"It was perfect! I had so much fun. Thanks for ballboy at the end, that was ace! My feet hurt so much by the end of the night from all the dancing."

"well, that was a fantastic night!! One of the best HDIF-dancing bits ever must have been 'Painting and kissing' by Hefner!!! I guess it was that song that finally made my voice crack... but I guess we definitely showed that we knew the lyrics..."

"Thanks for a truly fantastic night, Ian. Definitely the best NYE e-v-e-r!! The last time I danced to 'Do you believe in magic' in a club was the last ever Track & Field back in errrr.... 2003(?) - also a memorable night!"

"Hey Ian. Thanks for the top night! Such a lovely atmosphere and I danced so much that I hobbled to the station afterwards."

"Thank you so much, Ian!!!It was a fantastic night, best NYE for years!"

"It was SOOOOOOOOOO wonderful that evening and the excellent music and mood! I had the fun of my life even without drinking any alcohol (which doesn't happen to often normally, but you have to cut back if you want to take the volvo home) So thanks to everyone involved! Well done!"

"The dancing was fantastic... it basically was like a 'Best of HDIF'-dancing marathon... I think you just had to look at the biiiig grin on people's faces to realize that yesterday evening... everybody felt extremely 'LOVED'."

"That was fun! Jet Set Junta early on sounded ace."

"Thank you for Cotton Fields! And Hefner! And Ballboy! Especially Ballboy thinking about it. Oh, and Funeral Face.... And pretty much everything else. Had such a great night, thought my feet were actually bleeding from all the jumping around in high heels. ACE!"

"I know everyone else has already gone mad for Cotton Fields, but it really was ace. Thanks also for Herman Düne, Jens Lekman and Needle In A Haystack."

"It was a great night, lovely to see so many smiley happy faces dancing - particularly the guy who kept doing kung fu arms to every song."

"A girl enthusiastically bounded up to me and asked what the song was when (Ian or the guest DJ, I can't remember who) played Los Campeninos last night, it's always great when someone does that. She was dancing away to it enthusiastically without having a clue what it was - brilliant."

"What a great night that was. I loved that French cover of The Zombies' She's Not There that Jon played. The Night sounded as ace as always too."

"yey for saturday, my highlight was for sure mahogany neoplastic boogie woogie which was aptly followed by 'the clapping song', yey!"

"I'm being perfectly sincere when I say that was my favourite HDIF ever! I spoke to more people than usual, and didn't start drinking until I got there, so I remember everything. Excellent stuff. Didn't get in bed until 4"

"That was a lovely night. A bit of a strange one for me because there were just so many of my favourite people there, and I feel like I didn't get to speak to anybody at all. Highlights include Elastica (remit breaker!), The Kinks and - wow! I spent a long time on the dancefloor just singing along at people."

"'Never Understand' by the Mary Chain was one my favourite HDIF moments for a while. People trying to dance to it whilst everyone else had their fingers in their ears."

"What a wonderful night.... I'm in heaven...I'm in heavvvvvven...Mr W you deserve some kind of medal. Murdoch, Blake, Gedge, Street and ROWLAND... what next? Johnny Marr or Smokey Robinson?"

"What a brilliant night!... it was good to be back at HDiF: Brixton... Kevin Rowland... what a legend! he stayed till the end and chatted to anyone who wanted to say hello. It's so nice when your heroes turn out to be decent people."

"Top night....Best moments.... Dickon's set was a joy - all over the place and fun to boot
Hearing 'Some Candy Talking' nice and loud."

"I want to say everybody that I had a great time there and all of you are too cool. Now I´m back in Spain and I´d love to go again as soon as possible. Thanks for the photos which I think are very cute."

"Oooh, what a great night that was. Ace music and nice chatty people as well. Cheers Ian, it was a good'un."

"Had a great night at the Phoenixl. Was on my todd - so thanks to all for being so kind and chatting away to me. Again, top people, top tunes, top night."

"Ooh that was great fun. Although I drank way too much, and have only finally stopped feeling blurgh and sorry for my drunken self now. Haven't been that drunk in ages. The chair dancing was fun, although I nearly completely fell over on the table but thankfully some random steadied me.
I never really have nice associations with Brixton, but it was a lovely venue. We popped outside for some fresh air and space (me and chum who you may have noticed as being the most eccentric dancer there can be) and did some dancing there, but the bouncer chap told us to stop in case it upset the natives."

"The Redskins were a wonderful surprise. Nice finish with Beat Surrender too."

"Amazing night, Ian. I had so much fun. Redskins and Trash Can Sinatras were brilliant. For me highlight of the night was Keep you Powder Dry by Butcher Boy - I sang along and danced my socks off. Excellent as always, Ian. Well done!"

"My funniest moment was leaving about half hour before the end to only make it outside, hearing a song I loved (which I can't remember for the life of me was!) and saying to Mims and Mills "We can't leave yet!" running back in all chucking out coats wherever (I wonder why I have large dry cleaning bills) and dancing our hearts out until the end."

"tonight was awesome, probably my fave guest dj yet too! thanks for a wonderfull evening ian!"

"Great night, Ian. Jon's set was one of the best I've heard from a guest as it was pretty much all soul and 60s pop, which always puts a smile on my face and a spring in my step."

"It was indeed a cracking night, if a bit bizzare for me since everyone I've ever met seemed to turn up - all our usual HDIF crowd, a load of friends Hannah was at uni with were there for a birthday (on top of HDIFs birthday of course), a couple of my old friends from school ... so I was trying to circulate around and give everyone some Tamla-time. That was too much effort so I gave up on that, got drunk and had a dance. And after that it all fell into place. And I fell into other people."

"That was a bit ace, wasn't it? "Steaming Train", "Pristine Christine" and the surprise bonus "Jean's Not Happening" (just like "Obscurity Knocks" at last month's Brixton HDIF) got me stupidly excited. Oh and Stereolab: dancing with Jona is lovely!"

"I haven't had so much fun in a long time. A brilliant, brilliant night."

"We all *loved* the set, especially Camera Obscura, Runways, Smiths etc."

"I had an amazing time on Saturday and thank you so much for my requests. I will definitely be returning to your ace club."

"All the stuff played at brixton last time was amaaaaazing, we danced so much my friend had to dry her sweat patches under the hand drier half way through, that my friend, is a sign and a half."

"I love this club - finally a place where I feel at home :-) Great night last night, and music was fab! My feet are sore from the dancing but I'm smiling and humming tunes."

"Great night last night. and TWO cats on fire tracks.....i was very happy indeed. roll on the next one x"

"It was a cracker. Our plans to get the last tube north fell apart because we were having such a good tme, damn you. There was a particularly good hour or so when I couldn't leave the dancefloor to smoke/drink. Can't remember much of what was played now. There was Los Campesinos (sounded great - not been sure about the album previously but it all made sense on Friday night), Salty Pirates, Arcitecture In Helsinki, Baby Love (I think), Say A Little Prayer ... and there my memory fades."

"Good night at the Canterbury again! I'm sure at one point everyone in the venue was on the dancefloor."

I had a fantastic night, my friends loved it too, hdif has new fans. Thanks Ian for playing Carnival of Sorts, it literally made me jump with happiness."

"Ian, take a bow, that was bloody brilliant. For a night I ended up doing on my own (since my chums were too tardy in getting tickets) I enjoyed that enormously. And that's probably the first time I've listened to The Queen Is Dead all the way through in years and years. (and for some reason, the title track bought back memories of being in some club like Popscene or something like that when they played it the night before Princess Diana's funeral...)"

"Thanks Ian, I had a ball - 3 hours of pretty much solid dancing (or swaying during I know it's over) leaves me a little jaded today, but a happy man."

"Ooh I had so much fun last night, I should really have just gone home after the party I went to but I didn't, and I'm glad I didn't as I've fallen back in love with HDIF again."

"I was SO EXCITED when Outdoor Miner came on. I meant to email you during the week requesting it but I forgot, and then you PLAYED IT ANYWAY! Perfect."

"Cheers guys! Had a brilliant time - especially enjoyed handclaps to Lazy Line Painter Jane, screaming along to Hefner- but was at the bar for Heatwave. And no hangover - must have been good music as I was too busy dancing to go to the bar post midnight!"

"Never before has a music and dancing club night made me feel as complete and as whole as last night. Ian, HDIF is a beautiful beautiful thing. You have converted me."

"What a night!! I was so happy to be back at HDIF I could explode. What a fucking night!!!!! I wasn't even that drunk I was just really happy all night."

"I haven't had so much fun in a long time. A brilliant, brilliant night."

"It was my first time in Brixton as a good friend came to visit me from Turkey and she demanded to see HDIF for herself, forcing me ignore the night bus trip from Brixton to Clapton at 2 am:) She was (and me too) absolutely delighted by the whole evening so a big THANK YOU for that."

"I've been living in London for two years and for the last year I have been attending HDIF always that I have been able and loved it. In fact, a year ago I met my actual boyfriend there, it was the first time I went to HDIF. I was amazed with the place, people.. and it was the perfect place to listen to and dance to the best music!!! I lived in Spain until I was 22 then moved to the UK till now and HDIF is one of the best things I have discovered in London!!"

"Thank you for a fantastic night at the Canterbury arms last friday. Such a shame I missed the painting & kissing bit. But I still had an ace time. So had my companion. He loved the whole thing... the place, the night, the concept, the people, the atmosphere. The membership card! (thanks for that, too!) I think he was a bit overwhelmed at the beginning. By all the wondrousness."

"Thank you so much for all the songs you ever played, your club makes me and my friends so happy!"

"Great night last night and I can now die happy after hearing Neutral Milk Hotel in a nightclub!"

"I trust in you - HDIF always provides."

"We had a fantastic time on Saturday - really great night and I can't wait to come again."

"Just wanted to say thanks very much was a good night."

"Thanks for another excellent HDIF on Saturday - for my request and Altered Images especially! There's nowhere I'd rather spend a birthday!"

"These free shows at Jamm have proved to be consistently great, I look forward to 'em every month. Good work Ian!"

"I had a cracking night on New Year's Eve. As a regular I'd say it was a great HDIF and with PopArt having a year off there was nowhere else I'd have rather been. I don't lose myself in tune after tune so much anywhere else and last night was no exception."

"I had a lot of fun last night and I know that those I brought along did as well. Thank you Ian, and everyone at hdif, for such an enjoyable night and 2008."

"We really enjoyed NYE. From out there in the crowd it definitely felt like one of the most best HDIFs in recent memory."

"NYE was a great night, one of my favourite HDIFs - everyone who was with me agreed."

"Just wanted to chime in and say that NYE was indeed a fantastic night; there was no other place I would have rather been in the world. My friend who was visiting from Brooklyn said it was probably the best club she'd ever been to, and she's very smart, pretty, and cool, so that's something. Also wanted to say that "The Start of Something" by Voxtrot was an unexpected thrill, my friend knows those dudes from her days back in Austin, and it was also the very first song that I ever played at my club in Glasgow, so we were both giddy to hear it. It was my last HDIF and I've loved every minute of each and every one; I will miss it dearly. Thanks for the wonderful memories, magical atmosphere, and brilliant music."

"Thanks so much for the great HDIF last night. I had so much fun!!! Can't wait for the next one."

"Thank you very much for the great Saturday party. We danced and sang loads of songs."

"I had a BRILLIANT night, I didn't expect Morrissey to come into it as well, it was the most perfect combination of music I've come across outside of my own bedroom. Definitely a regular from now on!!"

"Last Friday was really good fun, thanks for another night full of great tunes!!"

"First time at HDIF on Friday and enjoyed my evening very much. I don't think i sat down the whole time."

"Thanks for a (free! you don't know how much this is appreciated right now!) night of fantastic bands."

"Ian, it was brilliant last night! One of my favourite HDIFs in ages - the atmosphere at the end was magical. Thank you x"

"My first time at HDIF with friends and it was just fantastic. I will definitely come again."

"Thanks Ian for a great night out, most fun I've had in ages."

"We (a group of 5) were really looking forward to visiting HDIF for the first time on July 3rd after hearing great things about it from friends who already were there. And what can I say: Our expectations weren't frustrated in the slightest way. We enjoyed the night with lots of beer, lots of dancing and many nice people at Canterbury Arms. We hopefully can come back to London very soon and then will surely visit HDIF again. Thanks for a great evening and we'll hopefully see you soon!"

"It was such a good night last night, my feet are hurting from dancing so much :)"

"Thanks for playing Outdoor Miner on Saturday.  A very good night."

"Halloween was truly amazing!"

"We had a fantastic time Ian, thanks so much!"

"Great night Ian, well worth my sore head."

"Aw Halloween was ace fun. One of the best I reckon!"

"Ian, I am still reeling from the joy that was the Kevin Rowland night. Wonderful stuff, thank you."

"THANKYOU for a great night on Saturday. God Help The Girl were indeed most Fabulous! And HDIF - I havent danced my socks off like that in too long! I will be along again. Look forward to the 60s soul special."

"First time at the Phoenix and loved it!  What a great vibe - everyone was so friendly and the atmosphere was superb."
"Just like to thank you for helping to make my husband's birthday such a treat and for playing so many of my requests! We really did have a fantastic time and you played some truly top pop! We have decided that we will be coming to London a lot more in the future for fun and frolics, so see you soon!"

"Thanks for a fun HDIF last night - I don't think I stopped dancing for a full hour before I had to run off home. Looking forward to the pre-Easter Brixton extravaganza!"

"Thanks for another top night on Saturday."

"We did have soooo much fun! Thank you for a great night and for playing all my favourite bands We actually realised that we are so stupid for not coming to HDIF more often. I'd almost forgotten just how good it is!"

"Ooh my feet hurt! Thanks for Georgie Fame and 'Love Power' and many more."

"It really was an amazingly fun night! You played a blinder of a set, we all had appropriately sore legs and feet on Saturday from all the dancing. Can't wait for the next one!"

"The whole night was ace - I think it was the best HDIF I've been to."

"I've been in the Buffalo Bar last Friday and was amazing, it was great to sing along and dance with my favourites tunes from Motown."

"Last night was sensational! The best HDIF so far...my feet are killing me today, but I don't mind, I had the best time ever. Thank you :)"

"I loved every minute of last night :) Some great tracks played - thank you!"

"HDIF was great last night Ian. I danced as much as my feet could bare after twelve hours at Field Day, but was dancin' much more in spirit. Thanks!"

"Last night was great fun :-) as usual!"

"That was a great night, I have broken shoes to prove it!"

"Thanks a lot Ian! Had such a fantastic night :) My legs are officially danced out :D"

"Currently involved in the single best soul/indie disco ever!! Hearting #bowlie hearting How Does It Feel. Jens Lekman?? Wow!"

"How Does It Feel dj set was immaculate, no snobbery, nonstopdancing - a joy, maybe best club night have ever experienced."

"Thank you again for the dancing to Hefner in Butlins joy. HDIF was an absolute highlight of the weekend!"

"Great stuff Ian - so amazing having some quality dancing at an ATP for once! An undoubted highlight"

"It was *such* a fabulous night Ian! You were a star!"

"Top indie/soul disco on Saturday. The ATP DJs are often bobbins, but you weren't. I didn't even go to the bar, I just kept dancing."

"Absolutely fabulous! The icing on the cake following a superb day of music- thanks again. Neutral Milk Hotel went down a treat ;) Some excellent moves on that floor/stage/upper carpety bit too."

"It was an AMAZING set!!!! One of the my favourite dj sets to dance to ever!!"

"Bloody lovely to see you there Ian and have dance along to your tunes."

"Mate, it was a pleasure. Great set you played. And you looked like you were loving every single second of it - it got to 3am far too soon."

"We had the best time, thank you very much! Loved the pub as well x"

"Thank you for a great night Ian, it rocked. Ouch!"

"My head hurts...but it was lots of fun. Excellent choice of first song for 2011 :)"

"Best New Year I've had in London in years. Keep up the good work."

"I had so much fun! Always have such a great time at your clubnights Ian, every time. Magic."

"what an amaziing club nite!! :D had so much fun, thank you. see you next month!"

"it was a pleasure playing at Great Big Kiss - a very fine club! So much fun, such good music, so many lovely people... I will be back!" - Debbie Smith

"I just wanted to say we had a bloody great time last night. Thanks! The music was excellent. I shouldn't leave it so long between visits."

"I thought it was great, really enjoyed Bob's set. I was going to pop into the booth and say hello, but ended up dancing far more than I expected..."

"Ian, thank you again for a great night, i had a wonderful time and i still have that Sandie Shaw 'sympathy for the devil' in my head...it was fantastic. the sets were brilliant, i can say i've heard all of my favourite songs in just one night:)"

"I had a really lovely time! I didn't stop dancing the whole time."

"Had a great time last night, brill tracks!"

"you should all be murdered was pretty damn amazing last night (not that it normally isn't, but last night especially so)"

"I had such a fab night, thanks Ian!"

"Thank you for having the c86 special!!! it was one of my favourite nights ever!! i had an absolute blast :) can't wait till the next one! :)"

"Thanks for a belter last night!"

"Many thanks Ian! It was such a fantastic night."

"Ian, thanks for playing such great songs, Emma's House was such a good moment!"

"Amazing night, Ian. Thank you so much!"

"I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your set (as always) at End of the Road on Saturday night, and despite the hangovers, sunburn and lack of sleep/showers we were all still buzzing off it the next day."

"I was with a friend at End Of The Road who kept saying he would go to bed when you played something rubbish. He stayed to the end as well, then."

"You were very good at End of the Road."

"My feet hurt from too much dancing at hdif last night! So much fun & loved the amount of veronicafalls that was played."

"Not ready to go home and to bed when the last song was played at tonight's hdif . Goodtimes!"

"Mega awesome super fun times at hdif last night. Walking round museums today was not a good idea when my feet are so tired from dancing."

"I went to your party at the Phoenix last night and it was wonderful"

"I had a great night and you played The Supremes so I'll definitely be returning."

"Awesome night on Friday."

"That was a top top night."

"What a wonderful (super late) night! I'll be remembering it for a long time! A perfect welcome back to the city. Thanks again!!"

"Thanks so much for making my 40th one of the best birthdays ever last night! I had an amazing time and danced my heart out - you've made a 40-year old man very very happy indeed. When you played She Rides The Waves by Pale Saints I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. :-D"

"It was amazing! Had such a good time. Thank you as ever!"

"It was such a great night! One of the best (and sweatiest!) HDIFs I've been to."

"Happy Birthday at hdif a great nite last nite and home to some of my fondest memories of the past 10 years"

"Top night at hdif last night with the gang. My Body got home at 5 am. My Faculties are just returning now."

"Oh dear god, hdif has ruined me. What a great night though."

"Thank you Ian for last night and the countless fantastic nights over the years."

"So much fun! Great 'how does it feel to be loved' moment! Happy bday to my favourite club!"

"Thanks for an amazing night! The sore head and blistered feet were well worth it!"

"I like it when total strangers invite you to join their dancing circle to The Legionnaire's Lament. That's why HDIF is ace."

"Sore feet, happy heart #HDIF"

"Just wanted to say thank you for an amazing music session last Friday. Me and my friends had the hell of a good time."

"I am a shy egg and have only just discovered that there are real life places that play lovely music. I'm still full of emotion from the night ending on Lazy Line Painter Jane two weeks ago as it's the first time I've felt 'at home' in London."

"Great music, great company, great night."

"What a lovely night. Thanks to all the DJs and the perturbing/fascinating characters in the smoking area."

"Oh what a night! Mille baisers à Ian for having played so many of the songs I had requested!! I danced so much my feet hurt, and seriously, I hadn't danced like that for years. Turning 30 was fun!"

"We came to your night in December off Oxford Circus. Just wanted to say I LOVED it...can't remember the last time I heard so many different types of fab and varied music in the same night. From Northern to Wave Pictures...quality!!!!"

"You playing Martha is one of my fave club moments EVER."

"First time last night and it was great!"

"Never heard Ouija Board Ouija Board by Morrissey played in a club before - a perfect moment! Such a happy feeling all around hdif."

"What a great night! Everyone was on the same side."

"I had a really great night!! :)"

"Thanks for another great night!"

"Had so much fun dancing at HDIF last night! Possibly one of my favourite nights this year so far! Thanks to Ian & Liz for the wonderful music!"

"Thanks for so many great tracks over the years and last night, it was the best!"

"That was tremendous fun!"

"I think last night was one of the best ever HDIFs!"

"Dancing kids, you are all beautiful and I love you. #hdif"

"HDIF was pretty ecstatic last night. Long time since I've seen people so drunk and so happy."

"I will miss Brixton HDIF. The only place where I could scream along to Martha AND the Beirut trumpet parts+then totter home on my merry way."

"Ending the night on Orange Juice's 'Rip it up' is always dreamy. Props to hdif's Ian, for always knowing the right song at the right time"

"Thank you for another lovely evening!"

"It was great. Thank you!"

"It was glorious. Throat sore today."

"Thank you for a great night last night, it was quite a moment there when everyone continued singing! Hope you had a good one."

"Last night you once again proved that HDIF is the best clubnight in London. Thanks Ian!"

"Wonderful night, thank you Ian, such fun was had!"

"Another great night at HDIF. Thanks for more of the great music!"

"Oodles of thanks for an amazingly great set last night."

"I've not seen the Buffalo Bar so up for a good night in a long time to be honest. It seemed everyone in the place was dancing."

"Wonderful night! Up there with the best HDIFs."

"Wall to wall hits at HDIF tonight - goodbye Buffalo Bar, you were insanely fun."

"That was as joyful and energetic night as there's been at the Canterbury Arms. Let's hope there's plenty of life left in it yet."

"Best night out in London. Thanks Ian!"

"Last night was super fun. Cheers for playing Superman."

"What a fab night, thanks Ian! I'm glad I stayed until the bitter end for LLPJ, can't remember the last time I heard that out...if ever!"

"Thanks for a cracking night last night."

"When you played Pale Blue Eyes and everyone joined arm arm it was brilliant."

"HDIF at The Crypt was so good! Wish we could have stayed later but happy that a few more could sneak in due to our departure. You were playing Sufjan Stevens as we arrived and his seemed just the right voice to ease us into the ecclesiastical setting. Nice tuck-shop vibe at the bar. Great tunes as always.."

"Brilliant venue and lovely music (as always). Sorry I didn't dance, I was having too much fun in the alcove!"

"Great night and a belter of a place for it. Loads of character and down to earth too. Be great on stormy winter nights"

"It was great, Ian! Really nice atmosphere, really enjoyed between-dance fags in amongst the gothic architecture...and ridiculously friendly bar staff."

"The HDIF night at The Crypt was brilliant, will definitely be at the next one!"

"The Crypt is such a cool venue! And a great vibe on the night - I was there by myself and it was so friendly, people dancing together, just lovely. Great work."

"Brilliant night, great venue. Wonderful atmosphere."

"Had a great night, thanks Ian and friendly people."

"Dancing to non stop Bowie and collaborators at HDIF last night - most amazing joy in the (very sweaty) room."

"It was very possibly the greatest night I've ever been to. I could honestly have cried at many points. Bravo, Ian."

"I can say with certainty, despite my hangover - that it was a bloody stunner."

"Cracking night at HDIF in the Montague Arms. Brilliant venue for it."

"I particularly enjoyed tonight. More south nights please."

"It was so much fun! One of the bestest."

"Thanks Ian. Love that venue. The set was ideal "

"I couldn't have asked for more - brilliant music from stepping a first foot inside, the company of exceptional friends and a dancing frenzy right up until the house lights went up. What a wonderful birthday. Thanks!".

"Had a mighty good time at hdif last night, first time dancing in ages. I love that club."

"Thanks for yet another classic HDIF night Ian....the only club in the country that makes a 400 mile round trip completely worthwhile every single time."

"Thank you for the best fun in ages."

"Top night Ian - best Phoenix HDIF so far I reckon! There was a great party atmosphere after the show."

"Had a great night. Think I danced most of the night. Wish we had something like this in Los Angeles. Thanks again!"

"Thank you! It was such a good night!"

"Brilliant night Ian. Thank you for keep on keepin on."

"It was fantastic! Thoroughly loved every second."

"It was a brilliant night! We'll be giving our feet a good rest after that!"

"So nice to be back at HDIF - the best dancing in town. And a peaceful night tube home."

"Such a great night! Thanks for the great music :-)"

"Congratulations on running the best club night in London!"

"So much fun at hdif dancing the night away. My highlight was 'Fat Lad Exam Failure' by Bogshed. What a song. What a band. What a club."

"Another great night....thank you for playing Different Drum."

"What a nite! I've danced my legs off. Thank you!"

"Great night as always!"

"Best night of the year so far."

"What a fabulous night last night. Dancing to one of my favourite bands! Thanks so much for putting it on."

"Kevin Rowland at hdif is an immediate highlight of the year. Maybe *every* set should start with The Ramones doing The Ronettes?"

"The DJ plays French Disko and you know you're among your people #hdif."

"Had an amazing night as usual - my feet are killing me."

"What a fantastic night...worth every second of the 400 mile round trip."

"Dancing is like dreaming with your feet and I can guarantee that I will always be happy on a hdif dance floor with my favourite songs."

"It was amazing. Sore feet. Happy face."

"HDIF for me is hands down the best night out in London."

"Such a fun night. It was so great to hear all that unlikely, golden era B&S stuff on the dance floor!"

"Tonight HDIF proved that yes, Belle And Sebastian ARE danceable."

"Thanks for a fantastic night, as good as ever. I’ve missed having sore feet and a croaky voice on a Sunday morning!"

"One of my favourite HDIFs ever!! Such a great time, thanks so much Ian!"

"Best NYE as always. Best music and awesome people."

"Wonderful set list of songs. Great night thank you."

"That was amazing. Thank you so much."

"I've had some of the very best times of my life at HDIF, and this night was no exception."

"Absolutely belting night at HDIF last night. Great set from The Understudies too. Highlights include dancing to Tindersticks like it was a soul record, getting a TFC song played for me and watching my friend trying to work out how to dance to the Fall. Top work all. x"

"Thank you HDIF! Especially for playing Microdisney but also my beloved Lloyd Cole & the Commotions, The Go-Betweens, The Siddeleys and so many more."

"Had such a great time dancing at HDIF on Saturday. Henry Rollins Don't Dance *and* OMD *and* Boy with the Arab Strap and so many more. Thank you for creating and still running the best club in the world."

"What a brilliant night! Wonderful music and a lovely crowd! Have a great 2019!"

"Thank you! We had a brilliant night."

“How Does It Feel To Be Loved night at the Phoenix. Where else can you dance to the Fall, Temptations, Joy Division, Ronettes, Smiths, Rita & The Tiaras, Spearmint, Love and X-Ray Spex? Apparently I like Belle & Sebastian, Le Tigre, Camera Obscura and Wave Pictures now too."

"Such a great night! I AM superman follwed by Blondie hanging on the telephone. Genius. I didn't know either were covers...but it was an example of pure POP joy!"

"I always think that your nights can't possibly get any better......and then they do!"

"I felt the same! What a night, I need a foot massage!"

"Thank you for always making my birthday so fun!!"

"Fantastic night with the loveliest people!"

"Thanks Ian. A glowing end to the tunnel if ever I saw one. Pitch perfect night."

"Fantastic night, thank you!"

"Another great NYE, thanks Ian!"

"Great night at the Phoenix— We had such a good time. Thanks for spreading the joy!"

"It's been my first time and I loved it! Thank you so much for the great tunes. En Attendant Ana, Altered Images, Speartmint, etc. I never get to dance to them in France!"

"As ever, the 60s/indie blend at HDIF is a joy."

"I just wanted to say a massive (belated) thank you for all the fab music you played at the Jan HDIF when I was celebrating my 40th. It really was an excellent night! My friends were all raving about how good it was too."

"Just want to thank you Ian for all the wonderful music and all of the effort you put in. I’m so grateful for your commitment. I'm so glad I discovered GBK and HDIF."

"I cannot tell you how much fun it is to be dancing round my living room with all my dancing pals on zoom."

"The HDIF live feed disco has been bloody ace so far."

"Clubbing in the new world. Loving dancing to the music of HDIF on mixcloud while watching others dance on Zoom and chatting to friends on WhatsApp and HouseParty."

"Henry and I had a great time in quarantine in Nunhead! Thanks Ian x"

"It was fabulous, thank you!"

"It was so, so good!!! I'd not been to the club for a couple of years but it brought it all back! I was there in the early days and it was just like that!"

"It was so much fun, thanks for organising. Please run another night! I'll get my disco lights out next time x"

"That was all rather fabulous."

"Dancing in our living-room and cheering so enthusiastically at your lovely faces on Zoom that we woke up our son, who made a cameo appearance in his pajamas - one of my best moments from 2020 so far. Thanks!"

"Yes, amazing - thanks Ian!"

"Very wired indeed...but thanks for keeping our spirits up!"

"One of my lifetime goals was take part in a hdif dance night. Mission accomplished. From Brazil."

"We've listened all day down here! Was fantastic."

"I absolutely loved it! It put the soul into self-isolation."

"This was the most amazing evening. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You make a real difference!"

"Superb playlist. Had a cracking time in splendid isolation. Thanks so much for doing this!"

"It was great. We had a fab evening, thanks so much."

"That was great, thank you Ian!"

"The best evening ever. Much love to you and to my fellow dancers/listeners. Still smiling! I think what I'm feeling this morning is a pretty similar feeling to how it feels to be loved. And connected. And hungover! Feelings. Much like every Sunday after having danced at HDIF but times ten."

"Blimey, I like a 2021 record. Best DJ in the world Ian Watson played this last night along with Spearmint, Only Ones, Laura Nyros Nowhere To Run, Bobby Wells Let’s Cop A Groove, Suffragette City and dozens of great indie I didn’t know - gonna have to get Shazam. The highlight though was the two lasses from IOW who created this belter."

"Ian, it was brilliant! It felt so good to dance with friends and strangers again. Thank you for the perfect end to the festival!"

"Thanks for the bringing the absolute best music at the campfire and throughout the year. HDIF online was an absolute lifeline and was the only zoom disco for most of lockdown. Also brilliant to meet many of the HDIF people who I’d been chatting to over the last year."

"Absolute blast! Felt like I was back home."

"Fab night - thank *you*! The Fall -> ELO duo was particularly joyous"

"So lovely to dance at hdif again, thank you for an awesome night!"

"Hi Ian thanks for last night. Loved it! little nervous about coming alone but it was fantastic."

"Wish I was there. Sounded good on the stream! What should've been an early night, I was shimmying on the landing at 2am."

"What a special place, thanks for a brilliant night!"

"Thank you so much for an absolutely wonderful evening!!"

"Happy birthday to Ian and the legendary HDIF disco which celebrates its 20th birthday on Saturday at The Phoenix in London - a night not to be missed!"

"Would like to share how much fun I had at HDIF's 20th birthday on Saturday! V communal and celebratory energy, my mate left at 1.30 but I stayed until 3 just dancing with strangers, and woke up the next morning unable to move my legs..."

"It was wonderful, thank you!!"

"Great night as always, Ian. Many thanks and see you again later in the year."

"Brilliant night Ian, thanks."

"Was an excellent night, thank you!"

"Love HDIF! Happy 20th! XX"

"Congratulations. Twenty years of dancing and the love of music."

"Fab! Well done. Getting London to dance for 20 years is no mean feat :-)"

"Happy birthday! And well done"

"Absolutely killer set tonightThe dance I never knew I needed. Thanks for soundtracking my dance floors for the last 15+ years."

"hope its a great one - as someone who has been very lucky to have DJed a few times there and always had a lovely time im so happy Ian continues with this masterpiece of a club because it obviously means so much to the kids who go -and yeh they may not be technically 'kids' some may even be older than me but once you get through the doors you become a kid again - excited by cameraderie and the love of good music - keep on keeping on!"

"what a run! Congrats for making it to 20 years!"

"Wonderful! What a long strange trip it's been."

"My regret is that I missed the first year or so. Certainly won't be missing any more years."

"A very important part of my life in London, and a place I could do nothing else but be happy and free. Thank you!"

"I have vivid memories of trying to do a guest DJ set for you when Dora was about 5 months old and having to give up because she was crying so badly I had to go home. That must have been over 18 years ago and HDIF already felt incredibly established back then. You created an amazing thing!"

"Congrats! I used to follow the HDIF blog from around 2003 onwards, and got a lot of music tips from the playlists if I remember correctly. I didn’t travel much so London felt quite far away from Finland at that time. It was an honour to play there a few years after, had a great time!"

"What a great night! Thank YOU for 20 - count 'em! - years of joy and wonder."

"Thank you for an amazing night, as always."

"Had a terrific time, and great to see you - thanks kindly!"

"What a fantastic night!"

"Listened to this on Saturday on Mixlr from the wilds of Andalusia, on our honeymoon. We first snogged at your night at The Phoenix to There Is A Light. Thanks."

"It was my first time back to The Phoenix since covid! It was great to be back dancing the night away thank you for a wonderful set!!!"

"Cheers for a great night, was great to visit again."

"What a treat it was! Was nice to see you and have a dance about! Won't leave it as long next time!"

"It was so fantastic - thanks as always!"

"Hi Ian, thank you for yet another terrific night! I especially wanted to thank you for playing not one, but two of my requests, and what a treat that they were back to back! then followed by Nation of Language! Thanks as always for throwing my favorite night in the world!"

"it was amazing to meet you and hdif friends. i appreciated that you selected the new order theme and played emma's house and llpj at the end of the night. it was truly special! i hope to return to dance again with all of you."

"Thanks for a storming HDIF last night!  You absolutely nailed the tunes. Great crowd and atmosphere too."

"Wall-to-wall bangers. I'm friggin' knackered!"























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