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We're very very happy to announce that Haiku Salut's second album will be released on Friday July 31st. Entitled "Etch And Etch Deep", the record sees the band melt the folk, classical and electronic influences that illuminated their acclaimed debut to create a sound that's both inventive and inquisitive, at times more boldly pop, at others startlingly impressionistic. It's a wonderful album, and we can't wait for you to hear it.

We're sending out pre-orders of the CD now. You can pick one up here. Vinyl copies of the album will be available from July 31st.

You can hear the opening track of the album here:



Praise for Haiku Salut's debut album, "Tricolore":

"Haiku Salut employ a miniature orchestra of loops, bloops, flutters, and buzzes to create one of the dreamiest records of the year.” - Skatterbrain
"A strong sense of nuance and sensibility of composition is very much alive in this trio, and this record captures a truly creative—and still young—group that’s bound to go places from here. The world of Tricolore is a delightful one, and like any good album of its kind, it captures a diverse, multi-colored musical journey.
" - Popmatters
"Melodicas and cheap electronics nestle alongside acoustic guitars and horns, odd pairings of style abound but they work, creating a fresh, summery whole" - The Guardian
"Spellbinding folktronica from the edge of the Peak District. If Sigur Ros shared a cottage in Dovedale, they might just sound as magical as this." - Uncut



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